Packaging foil

Abriso, founded in 1985, is a trend-setting manufacturer of extruded polyethylene and polystyrene. We manufacture high-grade polyehylene foam, air bubble film and polystyrene boards for the packaging and building industry.

Our packaging material can be found in all types of material : foil, boards, film, bubble wrap, foam, rolls, bags, sheets, laminates, ... . Other forms of packaging material and own sizes can be made upon request.

Applications in the building industry are roof insulation, floor insulation, cavity wall insulation, sound insulation between carrying and swimming floors, laminate parquet underlay, ...

Our popular packaging foil is : 
  • Abribubble
  • Abrifoam
  • Abrifoamflex
  • Abripads
  • Abriprofile
  • Abriplank
  • Abricare