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Abribubble rolls

Abribubble rolls are available in various bubble diameters and in different qualities and widths.

Thickness > from 50 mm up to 400 mm
Width > from 50 cm up to 300 cm
Length > from 50 m up to 200 m in relation to the diameter of the bubble
Other specifications on request (from 10 cm on in width and 3 m in length)


  • B2 fire retardant
  • antistatic (coulour pink)
  • coloured
  • microperforation
  • macroperforation (5 mm diameter)
  • deviant lengths and widths
  • lamination with:
    • an HDPE or LDPE film
    • kraft paper
    • metallised films or aluminium
    • an anti tear film: Abribubble SUPER
    • a non-permanent or permanent self-adhesive film with protecting film
    • non-permanent self adhesive film without protecting film

Other compositions can be discussed