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Acoustic Reflex 2x3 mm - 35


The complex is made of two 3 mm layers of extruded polyethylene in 35 kg density. Grey to the bottom and white to the top. The top layer is laminated to a layer of HDPE which carries the trade mark ACOUSTICREFLEX®. Using the 100 mm overlap on the top sheet it is overlaid (shingled) in use, eliminating cold spots. Thus it is in total minimum 6 mm and max. 9 mm on the overlap. The material is inert and moisture free, has a high resistance to chemicals and acts as a vapour barrier.

(In connection with betopor class 1a)

  • The floating planking which should correspond to the technical specification WTCB 189 and 193, is placed on top of the ACOUSTICREFLEX® noting that the final acoustic performance is determined by the quality of the installation.
  • The acoustic layer must incorporate a 100 mm overlap and placed with care to avoid acoustic bridges and particularly with spaces round vertical pipes, doors openings and corners etc. It is recommended to use water vapour resistant tape to avoid any acoustic bridges.
  • It is advisable to install vertical flanking insulation between the flooring, walls and vertical transitions and the minimum should be at least 20 mm above the final floor level.
  • Once the floor covering is poured out and the planking installed, the superfluous insulation can be trimmed off and the skirting/moldings can be finished incorporating an elastic joint.


  • Contact sound improvement: > Category 1A NBN S 01-400 in combination with insulating EPS filled mortar 'BETOPOR' in 50 mm thickness with a contact sound improvement rate of 23 dB.
  • WTCB-report: > DE 631 x 964 AC3361
  • Thickness: > 2 x 3 mm (6 mm)
  • Density: > 35 kg/m3
  • Dimensions: > 1.25/60 Lm + overlap 100 mm
  • Colour: > Grey (bottom layer) + white (top layer)
  • Structure: > Flat
  • ?-value: > 0,0381 W/m/°K
  • Water absorption: > 4,1 %
  • Compression: > 50 % at 0,085 MPa
  • Dynamic stiffness: > 42 Mn/m3
  • Elastic
  • Chemically inert
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • HCFC-free