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Acoustic Foam 4x2mm - 25


This is an extruded polyethylene foam structure which is composed of 4 laminated layers of 2 mm (alternately green/white) in a 25 kg/m3 density and printed with the name "acoustic", on a top HDPE film. Using the 100 mm overlap on the top sheet it is overlaid (shingled) in use, eliminating cold spots. Thus the thickness will never be less than 4 x 2 mm and never more than 6 x 2 mm. The material is inert and moisture free, has a high resistance to chemicals and acts as a vapour barrier.


  • The floating planking is put on the impact sound insulation. 'acoustic '.
  • The covering layer is a type of planking corresponding the technical advice wtcb 189 and 193.
  • The result of the impact sound insulation is above all determined by the quality of placing.
  • This acoustic layer always has to be put with a 100 mm overlap.
  • The insulation has to be placed with care avoiding all acoustic bridge. You have to pay particularly attention in rooms with vertical pipes through the floor, door openings, corners. It is recommended to use water vapour resistant tape to avoid any acoustic bridges.
  • It's also advised to have a flanking insulation between the covering layer and the wall or against all other vertical connections with the floor (transit connections, .) This insulation is, during the placing, to stick out at least some 20 mm above the level of the eventual finishing ground. Once the floor covering is poured out and the planking placed, the superfluous insulation can be cut of and the lateral finishing can be done (placing of flanking strips and so on)
  • Install an elastic joint before placing.


  • Contact sound improvement: > Category 1A NBN S 01-400 achieving a contact sound improvement rate of 27 dB according to ISO norm 717
  • WTCB-report: > DE 74694 AC2821-N
  • Thickness: > 4 x 2 mm (8 mm)
  • Density: > 25 kg/m3
  • Dimensions: > 1.20/50 Lm + overlap 100 mm
  • Colour: > Green / White / Green / White
  • Structure: > Flat
  • ?-value: > 0,0482 W/m/°K
  • Water absorption: > 4,1 %
  • Compression: > 50 % at 0,08 MPa
  • Dynamic stiffness: > 24 Mn/m3
  • Elastic
  • Chemically inert
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • HCFC-free

WTCB rapport acoustic-foam-4-x-2mm